Taking Care of Everyone

If you have an opportunity to look at our testimonials, you will see a recent one by Ben McMinn from Mississippi. On Thursday, August 10th, he and several co-workers finished a three day review of the VSP process they has been taught over a year prior. On their way home they received a call regarding a missing 67 year old male in the north part of the state who had been missing since Monday, and they believed they could help.

If you have never been to northern Mississippi in August, then let me paint a picture. Hot, very hot, and humid beyond belief. Add to that thunderstorms and hot rain, bugs and woods so thick your hand can disappear in front of your face. Now throw in an elderly male who had been missing for three days and you have your self one miserable search environment and a highly vulnerable subject.

Sad to say, but several of the locals wrote this subject off and even said they fully expected this subject to be deceased, but they offered Ben and his teammates an opportunity to look since they had just been through their training. What happened next was not only a testimony to Mississippi USAR Task Force 1, and a testimony for the VSP methodology, but it was also a personal testimony of people who cared for someone, and in their effort, perhaps changes the course of a life others thought was beyond help.

While Ben drove his way to the search, his crews started their VSP in the back seat. Computers were turned on, maps configured, data gathered of what little there was. On arrival, the "boys " hit the ground with a plan and a goal to find this missing man. The local Police Chief, thinking this is nothing more than a fools errand and not worth the effort for an old, troublesome alcoholic, gave his blessing and allowed the team to conduct a pass through the search area..

It wasn't long before the USAR Team had not only located the missing man, he was remarkably still alive! Just minutes passed before he was packaged and sent off to the nearest hospital where he still being treated for his condition. He is going to live. Because of their effort, there is a man who has another day, and perhaps an opportunity to change because someone cared!

I wish I had been there for that find. Not to see the subject, but to see Ben and the others who located him. I wish I could have been in the group that celebrated with them for using what God had given them, for what I was lucky enough to impart to them, and for the lesson learned by all of us who know, or will soon find out just what happened. It was more than a search to Ben, and it has to be more than a search for this subject.

If we spend any time conducting search, there has to be some desire living in our soul to "take care". Of everyone. That means the children who wander off, the elderly who can't remember, the careless teen taking one too many chances, and yes, the person who drinks too much. Who are we if we qualify everyone first before we look for them? Do they make our efforts worth it to find them?

We should all remind ourselves what it says in Matthew 25:40 “The King will reply, 'Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.

To Ben, to his teammates, and to those who place their faith and trust in what they do, God Bless you and thank you for taking care of everyone in Mississippi.

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