Change is Good

Within a few days of going live with this website, I received some great ideas on improvements. Mind you, these were not critical thoughts, but more evolutionary ideas that for many seemed to make the site workflow a bit easier. Hey, I'm good with that! The whole concept of the website is to inform first, then be a tool for those who use VSP, or wish to know exactly how it works.

For the Analysts among us, all of the URL's have been converted to buttons so they are easier to use on the mobile platforms. I have either selected what I believe are the top, most well established sites for that particular subject, or ones recommended to me by experts in the field. If you navigate to these and like them, let me know! If you are a regular user and have some you wish to recommend, send me a message on the contact page and I will consider it.

I have had several requests for case studies , so others are able to understand how the VSP process is initiated and employed on search. This has caused me to look at two issues. Within a few days I will add cases to the website that you can review, comment on, or just read for entertainment. Some are funny, some sad, and all will be informative. I may redact some names, I haven't thought that through yet, but since all are part of public records, the names often help verify the story for those who wonder if any of this is true. The fact is, they are all true, which really causes you to wonder how such events can still occur in 2017.

The second issue I will address, is the step by step process from the Initial Notification to the Delivery and use of a VSP. It's how "sausage is made" and from the comments I have gotten so far, there are plenty of sausage lovers out there.

What is most difficult for many hardcore SAR Planners and others, is the actual leap from data to analytical conclusion and solution set we provide. I think I'll leave that for one of the upcoming blogs. In any event, change is good. I want you to think. I want you to challenge the current conventions and perhaps your own current behaviors. If you aren't satisfied with your current results, what harm is there in looking at alternatives. That's what I did in 2010 and I haven't looked back. For me, changing my process changed me for good!

Keep Searching!

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