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Wow, after a few weeks of all-nighters, the website is at least up and running! I want to thank the most important person in my life, my wife Michele, for her love, motivation, and support in moving this concept forward. For years I have kept the Virtual Search Planning process alive and shared it with those in the "business" of SAR. Along the way there were lots of suggestions on how to elevate the game. Make it into an App! (easier said than done) Sell the concept to NASAR! (Let's not go there) Open a school and teach full time! (I DO enjoy eating...) And on and on.

I appreciate each and every person who has listened and offered sage advice along the way. You know who you are, and I will be forever grateful. At the end of the day though, it's really up to me to give the concept the push it needs to crawl, then stand, and eventually walk. In building this site, I've taken a giant breath and leaped out over the edge of a huge precipice. In doing so, I know I have the support of many who have seen this concept save many lives, or at least bring home lost or missing people much faster than we thought possible.

VSP has been a labor of love for sure. But more so, it has been the development of what I believe is the gift given to me by God. We all have them... the special talent, the developed desire of our heart, something that causes us to get up each day and press on in spite of the adversaries. VSP is mine and I am doing my best to embrace it and use it for others.

Hey, I am flawed too, and I have my issues, but after sending a VSP out and hearing about the incredible results from people I have never met, well, there are few things that are better than that. I hope everyone has a chance to experience that same type of feeling.

We are well into over 70 plus cases where Virtual Search Planning has played center stage in locating a missing person, the latest last week for Collin Cole. Collin went missing on a trail system south of Henderson, Nevada and was searched for for two days with no success. On the third day, A VSP was provided to the Las Vegas Metro Police Department SAR Unit identifying the highest Zone of Probability at around 1630 hours. By 1700 Collin was located within that small defined area. Although he had passes away from the desert heat, the process was accurate to such a degree that it gave me the chills.

How can this be? Simply put, VSP "sees more, knows more" and because of this, the process finds more subjects when good solid trained resources have a better picture. Let's forget who gets the credit on all of this and use whatever works the quickest. For me, that is VSP!

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