We provide a full range of Services to assist Search and Rescue Agencies, to include: Virtual Search Planning, Incident Action Plan Development, and Full-Spectrum Analysis of missing subjects. We also perform SAR post-incident analysis. These services are performed without cost or obligation to the Agency Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).



VSP is currently working the State of Mississippi USAR Task Force on Advanced VSP operations, on specific behavioral group data  and operations. We have also spent time in development with programs in Washington State and Alaska to refine their SAR Planning units.

 We continue to fine tune every aspect of our process to insure the information provided is current, accurate, and actionable to search resources and Incident Command Staff.


Our services have been used by the states of Alaska, Washington, Nevada, Mississippi, Arkansas and others, as well as requested for searches in Australia and Canada. Full VSP Services are being produced and distributed by trained VSP Analysts for searches throughout the US, and around the world. As knowledge of our process spreads, so does our user base.



The Virtual Search Process was developed by a retired Alaska State Trooper, Paul M Burke. With over forty years of search and rescue experience at all levels of SAR Operations, Mr. Burke has been able to look at a wide  variety  of search operations from many positions .


As an instructor in Search Management, and as a continuing Practitioner  in the science of finding lost subjects, Mr. Burke has developed one of the most significant methodologies for understanding the complexities of search operations and those who become lost. By utilizing a  broad base of information and harnessing the power of the internet, Mr. Burke has taken the understanding of the Lost Person from an elementary drawing to  a full color, high definition picture of the  Missing. This image, with all of its  depth, breadth, and  definition, is then put through an algorithm with human VSP Analysts trained to understand the subject within the environment under which they became lost.


As a result, SAR Resources at the outset of any search  are provided with the most intricate and accurate picture of the lost subject and their environment in our experience. This process, when fully utilized , has historically achieved greater than 78% probability that the subject will be found in the operational period in which it is used. While there is no guarantee of similar results in the next case we conduct a VSP in, we are confident in giving search managers and SAR resources a picture like no other, and the possibility of achieving results they have never had in the past. 

Developed over seven years, VSP process and the applied science behind it are being constantly evaluated and improved.  Analysts are continually being developed throughout the SAR community and  the process of Virtual Search Planning has revived  search operations. Now, the lost have a much higher opportunity to be located and brought home, simply because we have a better understanding of where they are.

All of the men and women who contribute to this process do so without cost to the Agency Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) that requests this service. It is simply about using the gifts one has been given and the heart to find the lost. How they make a living is a broad subject, but VSP is how they make a life worth living.


Virtual Search Planning

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